Really pleased that you have found this site.


My interest in teaching, training and people helping pre-dates my training in NLP.


As a teacher in South East London, I became involved in a number of social and community projects, eventually working with Ed Berman, founder of Network Interaction UK. This youth project was based on an old steamer on the Thames near Canon Street.


For a while, I was project lead for the Interface Project before training in Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP.


So starting out with a degree in Geology and Earth Sciences, I ended up with a PhD in Psychology.


From rocks in the ground to rocks in the head.


Inspire NLP evolved from my work with the Bandler Approved Harisonian Associates, which I took over early in 1990. This became the Institute of Neurolingustic Psychology and latterly Insire NLP.


Since 2014, Inspire NLP has been working with a number of organisations to create NLP-based training courses for the long term unemployed, those within the social care system and those dealing with specific personal challenges.


The NLP Practitioner course was placed on the National Qualifications  Framework with the direct support of Malcolm McDonald of Q&A cic.


The current Level 5 Practitioner course is based on these standards and is professionally accredited by the ACCHP. (Accedited Coaches, Counsellers, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists)


Our Hypnotherapy courses are likewise externally accredited, by the International Hypnosis Association (IHA) and the International Federation of Hypnosis(IFH).


As for me, well, my work is divided between direct coaching and personal development work through Elyn Bres and my training work through Inspire NLP.


I'm looking forward to the opportunity of working with you.