Coaching Programmes

With Dr Alan Jones PhD FRSA

Why a Programme?

I find that some clients need a little more support than can be offered in a single session.


Which is why I've created a set of coaching programmes which allow you to get the support you want by paying less!

  • 10 Sessions

Mind Coaching

Booking a programme or course of personal support ensures that you will achieve the results you want based around your needs and your circumstances


How these Programmes Work

We'll be basing the work in the sessions on a clearly defined and agreed action plan.

Whilst these programmes are SOLUTIONS FOCUSED we will explore your personal history in order to create a much brighter and empowering FUTURE HISTORY for YOU.

Step One

Chapter Two

Choose the length of the programme you want to subscribe too.


We're talking about number of sessions rather than months.

Step Three

Purchase the plan that best suits your needs and subscribe to it..

Step Four

Once subscribed you will be sent a calendar link to book the times which suit you.


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installment plan is available for longer programmes

  • Programmes offer better value for money

  • Programmes based on number of sessions

  • You book the sessions when you want

  • Installment Plans avaialable

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What Clients Have Said


Alan does indeed transform minds (I’ve worked with him in the context of helping teachers and business owners). What that means is delivering easily (almost subconscious) ways of solving problems with new clarity. Learning is fun, results are measurable. Better than all that, you gain insights that enable you to be at your best even when you’re not.


Liz Darcey-Jones Artist, Author, Poet and Coach

“Alan has an unsurpassed depth of knowledge and experience of techniques that helped me and my business take a handle on these challenging times and helped move forward, both personally and in business. His pleasant approach and ability to listen like no other makes him a pleasure to be coached by.”





Jon Stephens IT Consultant

“Alan’s wealth of experience talent and charisma, combined with a passion to bring the best out of people make him the ideal person to coach/train those who are lucky enough to undertake some form of learning opportunity with him.” 






Dave Pascoe : Director, Broadcaster Coast FM

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