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Mid-Week Musings is my weekly newsletter. published on a Wednesday, which has been running now for over four years.

The Newsletter contains one or two short ramblings on a variety of themes; mostly motivational or inspirational, but all reflective of what's been running through my mind; conversations with friends and themes arising for books, films or news headlines.


In future, there will be special discounts for readers on courses, coaching sessions

and mentoring programmes that I am  offering..

Hi, name's Alan and I'm a Mind Coach, Trainer and Writer.


I am fascinated by exploring why we, as humans, behave the way we do. This in turn leads me to explore the mind, motivations and the search for meaning.


I am author of the best selling book, The Secret to Your Future History which is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Softback form.


I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to Mid-Week Musings and I know that you will find many of the discounts on courses will be well worth your membership.


More details will be in Mid-Week Musings which is published each and every Wednesday in time for your coffee break

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